Pasco County Doctor Alleviates Auto Accident Pain With Chiropractic

When an accident victim cannot move her head to either the left or the right, she is most likely to be suffering from a whiplash injury. This type of injury does not always become apparent right after the accident. Even when the cars are traveling at low speed, this very hurtful condition can result. If she lives in the vicinity, seeking help at Pasco County chiropractic may be the best way to get the pain alleviation she needs.

In a car crash, especially a rear-end collision; the head is jerked quickly forward and back. It has the same result as shaken baby syndrome. The neck may be so stiff that movement is impossible. The spine is made up of a series of bones called vertebrae. There are seven in the neck. When they are jarred out of place, the spinal nerve roots are compressed, which may cause excruciating pain.

Meeting with a chiropractor for the first time will involve an examination. That is because a full assessment of your condition must be made before care can be administered. It involves a physical examination, range-of-motion testing and one or more x-rays. This enables the chiropractor to determine the optimal course of care.

Adjustments to the cervical spine are commonly used for neck pain. The goals are to alleviate the pain and gradually improve the range-of-motion. For a neck stiffened by whiplash cervical spine mobilization is a gentle technique that moves the neck only within a tolerable range.

Contrary to popular opinion, more than a day of bed rest following a whiplash injury is contraindicated. A neck brace may be worn but also, only for a short time. Victims who want to avoid medication and surgery will find relief that is non-invasive and does not rely on medication when they see are under the care of a chiropractor.

Massage, applications of heat and cold compresses and gentle stretching movements to strengthen the neck are used in conjunction with spinal mobilization. Appointments will be scheduled to provide the necessary care. Normal movement is restored over time.

Chiropractic care alleviates back, leg and ankle pain safely and effectively. Get more info about a well-respected Pasco County chiropractic physician at now.


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