Craven Chiropractic In Pasco County, Recognized As An Authority On Natural Car Accident Pain Relief

Craven Chiropractic Clinic offers natural and non-invasive methods to recover from auto accident injuries. The body’s overall health and wellness is part of the therapy which is provided.

PRESS RELEASE: Land O’Lakes FL, 12-JANUARY-2016 – Craven Chiropractic Clinic and Dr. Michael Craven DC, are pleased to announce that chiropractic medicine has reliable solutions for the pain and injuries which are incurred during an automobile accident. Whether the injuries are to soft tissue or to the skeletal alignment, chiropractic therapy has been shown to be effective in providing solutions. The Pasco County chiropractic team relies on natural methods to obtain pain relief.

An underlying principle of chiropractic care is that there are no invasive techniques used. Chiropractors don’t use surgery as part of the care plan. No drugs are used to mask the pain. Pharmaceuticals are useful only to mask the pain, rather than to provide healing and recovery. Chiropractors know that the body itself is a key element in healing the damages which can occur during an accident.

A thorough examination of the patient is often the first step in the chiropractic care plan. The doctor looks for information from a physical examination, digital imaging studies and a patient history. The collected data is utilized by the doctor to create a therapy plan. Often, the first step in the plan is to adjust the spinal column in order to restore the proper alignment.

When the spinal column and extremities are correctly aligned, the body cooperates to heal itself. Improving the circulation of the body is effective in healing any soft tissue damage which might have incurred during the course of the accident. The health of the circulatory system and of the spinal column are key elements in the overall health of the body.

Learn more about car accident injury recovery by paying a visit to the website at today. Members of the press and those who have further questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact Dr. Michael Craven at the location given below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Michael Craven

Company Name: Craven Chiropractic Clinic

Address: 5420 Land O Lakes Blvd Ste 105, Land O’ Lakes, FL 34639

Contact Telephone Number: (813) 501-6783




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