Learn How A Land O’Lakes Chiropractic Office Helps Alleviate Pinched Nerves

The term pinched nerve describes what happens when compression caused by a misalignment of the spinal vertebrae causes an intervertebral disc to bulge out. The spinal vertebrae that make up the backbone are separated by these intervertebral discs. They act to protect the small hollow bones from rubbing against each other as the body moves. Individuals suffering mid-back pain can find help at the office of a Land O Lakes FL Chiropractor.

Each intervertebral disc has a tough outer shell and is filled with a gel-like substance. They are like small cushions. When the vertebrae are misaligned they cause compression and a portion of a disc extrudes between two vertebrae. The resulting mid-back pain may be excruciating.

Mid-back and other back pain may be caused by sitting at a desk at work all day. The sitting posture is usually hunched over while typing on the computer. Posture can be problematic in a standing and walking position also. It can develop into something as serious as a herniated disc over time.

Any job can involve lifting, bending awkwardly or twisting the torso. This can lead to a pinched or herniated disc over time. A sudden abrupt movement or being in an accident can also be the cause. Good chiropractic advice can alert an individual to actions that lead to this painful condition.

Prior to receiving care from the chiropractor, a full evaluation of your condition must be conducted. You will be asked to describe the pain, when it started and what you think caused it. Your spine will be examined and an x-ray taken. When the evaluation is complete, a care plan will be recommended.

It is often a series of spinal adjustments to return the vertebrae into the correct position. As the pressure causing the pinched nerve is reduced the pain is alleviated. The series of adjustments are done in the chiropractors office. As your condition improves you can look forward to resume working and enjoying life once again.

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