Learn How A Land O’Lakes Chiropractic Office Helps Headache Sufferers

Headaches with a structural basis are managed naturally and safely with chiropractic therapy. A Land O Lakes FL chiropractor will physically examine the spine, nerves and muscles for signs of damage and imbalance that contribute to the experience of debilitating symptoms. Head pain associated with mechanical dysfunction requires manual intervention and support to work towards balanced and health.

The spine is connected to an extensive network of nerves and is responsible for smooth and stress-free nervous system operation. Once the spine, including the upper cervical joints, have sustained damage and become misaligned, the nerves are compressed and the function of the nervous system severely compromised. Symptoms are experienced as pain and headaches requiring structural release.

Head pain is better managed with the application of spinal adjustments to correct the mechanical abnormality responsible for dysfunction. Shifting the impacted spinal joints into its balanced position facilitates healthy nerve responses without surgery. The chiropractor uses his or her hands to safely move the misaligned vertebrae to encourage healthy operation and alleviate symptoms.

Muscle tension and strain caused by sports injuries, accidents or poor sleeping positions can agitate surrounding nerves. The practitioner will carefully examine the soft tissues for poor flex and contraction compromising nerve health and functions. Rehabilitation incorporating relaxation and tissue massage encourages optimum healing and relief from ongoing headaches.

Lifestyle factors are carefully assessed to determine elements that are contributing to problematic function. Food allergies and environmental triggers including stress may maintain the experience of severe symptoms. A comprehensive healthcare plan is created to address individual needs with non-invasive methods developed to support long-term wellness.

The use of prescription medication is a temporary option to alleviate headaches but will contribute to adverse effects on physical function. Providing the body with the resources required to heal itself by correcting mechanical abnormalities can facilitate freedom of movement and healthy nerve function. Chiropractic care addresses head pain with natural options for therapy.

Chiropractic care helps relieve migraine-headache, neck, and shoulder pain quickly and effectively. Click here for more info about an experienced Land O Lakes FL chiropractor at http://www.cravenchiropractic.com right now.


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