Discover Safe Solutions For Arthritis With Land O’Lakes Chiropractor

Arthritis is characterized by joint inflammation, swelling and pain that deteriorate as the disease progresses. Arthritic sufferers will experience limited mobility and difficulties managing the pain compromising the ability to live a stable and quality of life. A Land O Lakes FL chiropractor offers comprehensive and natural support solutions to alleviate dysfunction and achieve mobilization.

An arthritic state requires pain management efforts with alternative care to minimize the use of prescription medication. Chemicals can temporarily reduce inflammation and pain, but cannot slow the progression of degeneration nor prevent harsh symptoms. Implementing corrective healthcare including mobilization methods can facilitate mobility and relieve the restrictions placed on the joints.

A chiropractor focuses on joint mobilization techniques to prevent stiff, swollen and painful sensations. Light exercises determined according to the severity of the disease and general fitness, can keep affected joints from physically deteriorating. Rest is important, but extended periods spent in a static position will make movement painful and difficult.

The practitioner will examine the spine and surrounding joints for signs of dysfunction and misalignment. A misaligned spinal column compresses surrounding nerves and compromises the ability to heal or move without discomfort. Aligning the joints assists arthritic sufferers in the ability to cope with the disease and alleviate problematic operation.

Dietary recommendations including the use of supplements can support and improve daily function by alleviating the limitations placed on affected joints. Mobility is enhanced with non-invasive measure and mineral content to support remaining cartilage. Vitamins and joint support products protect from deterioration, nourish the body, and prevent against inflammatory responses.

Chiropractic aims to protect against the severe damage that can occur with the progression of arthritis incorporating an individual examination of function and general mobility. The degeneration is slowed with mobilization methods and adjustments to alleviate disrupted function and promote tissue healing. The goal for therapy is to relieve pain without continuous use of harsh medication and the additional adverse effects it places on the body.

If you are dealing with a sore back or aching joints come to your Land O Lakes FL chiropractor. Come see what Craven Chiropractic can do for you and your family when you visit us online today at


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