How Sports Injury Sufferers Get Relief with Land O’Lakes Chiropractor

If you do sports, then you get injured. Even without trauma, the extra wear and tear can be hard on your entire body, and a fall, accident or other cause of injury can knock everything out of alignment.

Athletes should consider regular chiropractic care to ensure that a minor injury does not compromise their form and eventually lead to something more serious. On top of that, if you are in competition, many of the best painkillers are banned substances. Even if they are not, masking the pain and continuing to train is almost guaranteed to worsen your condition. There is a reason that a 2002 survey showed that 31 percent of NFL teams had a chiropractor on staff, and the ratio is only likely to be higher now.

Chiropractic care has been demonstrated to help with recurrent shoulder instability (common in ice hockey players) and sports hernia (common in many sports). It also helps with tennis elbow, which 50 percent of regular tennis players can expect to get at some point. Most world class athletes are already receiving chiropractic care prior to an injury, as it can improve performance and reduce overall wear and tear. Football can be a particular strain – the impacts can resemble those in a car accident.

A chiropractor alone cannot give you full recovery from an injury – rather, it should be part of a plan which involves rehabilitative exercise and/or physical therapy. Chiropractors can, however, assist in coming up with a therapeutic exercise plan and will work with a physical therapist and/or your trainer to help get you back on the track or field as quickly as possible. Not only does chiropractic care reduce the need for painkillers, and thus the risk of side effects or addiction, but a good chiropractor may be able to help an athlete avoid needing surgery. Studies prove that adding chiropractic care to a rehabilitation program can get an athlete back healthy faster and increase their performance. Another advantage of adding chiropractic to a rehab program is that the chiropractor can identify where the athlete is putting particular strain on their body, which a trainer can then employ to make subtle improvements in form that reduce the risk of future injury.

Chiropractors are also experienced in assessing posture and may spot subtle errors that a coach has missed. Also, in some cases, chiropractors may find subtle injuries that were missed when the athlete ended up in the doctor’s office or, as is not uncommon, the ER. Chiropractic is also good at treating repetitive strain injuries, such as damage to a golfer’s wrists.

If you have experienced a sports injury – or are a regular participant in a sport, especially a contact sport – you should consider talking to a chiropractor. Your Land O Lakes Fl chiropractor offers adjustments, electrical muscle simulation, ultrasound treatment and other services that are useful for athletes in recovery – or just those trying to improve their performance. Perform at your best with the help of chiropractic.

Contact Craven Chiropractic today to find out what we can do to help you recover from injury and attain optimum health and perhaps that personal best that has been eluding you. You can visit the website at


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