How Sufferers of Bulging Disc Find Relief with Land O’Lakes Chiropractor

Traditional versus Natural

The doctor says your back pain is due in part to a “Bulging Disc.” This term wears a few different hats, such as a blown spinal disc, herniated disc, and a pinched nerve. All these names used interchangeably to refer to a bulging disc.

Your practitioner may use a broad range of terms to describe this bulging disc problem such as a ruptured disc, slipped disc, disc protrusion, collapsed disc, torn disc, black disc or simply disc disease.

All of these words capture a sense of dread, fear, and confusion to you, the patient, all because traditional medical professionals cannot seem to agree on the correct term to use when you have a bulging disc, and most times the doctor refer you to a specialist for back surgery.

The traditional doctor reviews your medical history, performs an in-depth medical exam of your back, and may do some testing if needed to come to a definitive term explaining your problem.

The traditional doctor divides this bulging disc problem into two categories, a pinched nerve and disc pain, both causing untold back discomfort.

Call your “bulging disc” what you will, chiropractic care is far more beneficial than invasive surgical intervention. In rare instances, the chiropractic doctor may have to refer you to a surgeon but works in close collaboration with that surgeon to get you on your way to pain-free living.

You need to understand that your spine could not function, if not for the cushioning support of disc pads between the vertebrae. These discs contain a gelatin-like center that cushions the vertebrae. Sometimes when a crack occurs in the first layer of the disc, this gelatin-like substance seeps out, and the disc begins to push outward. Thus, you end up with a herniated disc. Any number of issues cause a disc to herniate.

The chiropractor has a good chance of taking care of your bulging disc problem. All techniques are safe and effective with no side effects. A chiropractor uses natural remedies, nothing invasive or painful. The chiropractor takes into consideration your,

  • Generalized health
  • Pain level
  • Activity level

The plan of care is individualized for you specifically and may include some or all of the following options depending upon your condition.

  • Frequent spinal adjustments one to three times per week
  • Manual therapy
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Flexion/distraction to gently stretch the spine
  • Pelvic blocking techniques
  • Heat
  • Cold
  • TENS unit

Many patients with a herniated disc discover fantastic help through their chiropractor and find their pain soon decreasing, all through natural approaches towards wellness.

An Ugly Myth About The Chiropractor

Back problems do not happen overnight; it is through the years of misuse of your spine that you may not even be aware of that starts your back on a path towards problems. Most times people do not visit a chiropractor unless it is a last resort. Since back problems do not happen overnight, a chiropractor cannot restore your back to full health overnight. Sometimes the chiropractor cannot restore the back completely and this doctor must refer you to a specialist, such as a surgeon.

However, what this Land O Lakes FL Chiropractor does do is make improvements with how you were when you made your first visit. It takes several visits, such as three times a week for a few weeks to start. This is the downfall for some as they think this doctor keeps you coming back for the money. This is an ugly myth for those who do not understand the science behind chiropractor care. After the first couple of weeks, the practitioner will begin to decrease your visits until you are on a maintenance plan of care.


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