Craven Chiropractic in Land O’Lakes FL, Helps Arthritis Sufferers with Natural Relief Options

Arthritis can dominate a person’s life and leave them dependent on painkillers that, in turn, affect their thinking and quality of life. Chiropractic care can help.

Most people, as they get older, will suffer from arthritis to some degree. Addictive painkillers and eventually joint replacements are the best traditional medicine can offer.

A good Land O Lakes FL chiropractor can reduce a senior’s dependence on painkillers and delay surgery. By the use of a combination of manipulation techniques with natural therapies such as massage and ultrasound as well as physical therapy, Craven Chiropractic can relieve the pain of arthritis and allow the patient to become more mobile. As light, regular exercise slows the progress of arthritis, the person can then engage in activities that help keep their joints healthy and slow degradation, allowing them to stay healthy, active and pain free.

Chiropractic care looks at the entire body and offers safe and effective natural relief to all kinds of conditions, including arthritis. Craven can then recommend therapeutic exercise designed to help the specific patient as part of a natural pain relief and wellness plan. They also offer cold laser therapy, which promotes the healing of damaged tissue and is particularly useful for people suffering from arthritis and joint degeneration. Craven also prides themselves on building long term relationships with patients and families and offers trained, compassionate staff who can help patients relax and gain even more benefit from natural pain relief and will listen to their needs. Rather than telling patients what they cannot do, a good chiropractor will work out a way to modify activities so patients can continue to do what they love.

Patients suffering from arthritis should consider contacting Craven Chiropractic and asking what chiropractic care and cold laser therapy can do to help them regain mobility and quality of life.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Michael Craven
Company Name: Craven Chiropractic Clinic
Address: 5420 Land O Lakes Blvd Ste 105, Land O’ Lakes, FL 34639
Contact Telephone Number: (813) 501-6783


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