Discover Safe Disc Pain Relief Options With Land O’ Lakes Chiropractor

Various forms of functional and physical therapy can help people regain their mobility and lead higher quality lives after injury. Many of these improvements can be obtained by working with a Land O Lakes FL chiropractor. This is especially true if you happen to be suffering from the excruciating and often debilitating pain of a slipped or compressed disc.

To provide a level of care that is specific to your unique range of needs, chiropractors will want to know more about your current injury, any past injuries that you have sustained and your current level of health. These professionals often perform extensive examinations of the spine before determining how relief will be supplied. They have numerous options at their disposal when it comes to structuring therapeutic plans.

More often than not, poor alignment is the source of this discomfort. When discs become slipped or compressed, it is usually the result of a jarring impact injury, poor life habits or excess body weight. Subjecting the spine to too much train can cause a host of functional issues.

Your provider can use ultrasound therapy to promote immediate relief. When pain is reduced, correcting functional injuries becomes much easier. This equipment penetrates sore areas to reduce swelling and discomfort. This, in turn, promotes better mobility and an increased ability to engage in therapeutic exercise.

Hands-on techniques such as manual adjustments can be made to the misaligned or subluxated area as well. These adjustments will alleviate disc pressure and tension that has been building in surrounding muscle groups. Inversion table therapies can be employed also to eliminate spinal pressure and improve the efficacy of manual adjustments.

Deep tissue massages can also be incorporated into your care. When the spine is misaligned, a lot of muscles are required to overcompensate, which is a common source of pain. If necessary, your provider can additionally implement a manageable and feasible weight loss plan for reducing spinal stress and improving your overall health and recovery abilities.

Chiropractic care helps relieve migraine, neck, back, and stomach pain naturally and safely. Click here for more info about a well-respected Land O Lakes FL chiropractor at today.


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