Discover How a Land O’Lakes Chiropractor Alleviates Carpal Tunnel

Injuries generated by pinched nerves in the wrist may cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). This injury causes numbness and/or pain in the middle and index fingers, as well as thumb weakness. The injury derives its name from your 8 wrist bones called carpals, which create a “tunnel” where nerves leading to your hand extend. What are some symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Symptoms include: a feeling that your fingers are swollen, despite little or no apparent swelling; a sensation of uselessness in your fingers; painful nighttime tingling in either one or both hands, generally causing sleep disturbances; hand tingling in the daytime, proceeding a diminished ability to be able to squeeze things; muscle strength loss in the muscles near the palm at the base of your thumb and shooting pain emanating from your hand up your arm up to the shoulder.

What can a Land O Lakes FL Chiropractor do to help alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome?

A chiropractor can manipulate the upper extremity and bony joints found in the neck to loosen muscles that your nerves pass through, and increase joint mobility.

A Land O Lakes chiropractic doctor can improve joint mobility in the median nerve that passes through your carpal tunnel and invigorates your 2nd to 4th fingers. Low-level laser therapy can provide good results, as well as IFC (interferential current), ultrasound, cupping over the carpal tunnel, and ice massage. Nighttime braces or wrist splints can aid in keeping the wrist straight so extended wrist bending at night is eliminated.

Studies have reported that patients receive significant improvements in range of motion, pain, and strength for 6 months or more following chiropractic sessions. All of these benefits are attained without the use of medication or surgeries. The earlier that you visit a Land O Lakes FL Chiropractor for your repetitive stress injury (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome), the better. Experience noninvasive relief for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!


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