How a Land O’Lakes Chiropractic Office Helps Kids with Proper Nerve Development

Safe for all ages, chiropractic can be especially beneficial for children. The birthing process can cause subtle misalignments of the neck and spine. Later on, children may sustain injuries while learning to walk or ride a bike or while playing sports. Even when they do not appear to be having symptoms that would indicate a health problem, chiropractic is still recommended to optimize the body’s potential to function normally.

When children visit the Land O Lakes FL chiropractor, the care provider conducts a physical exam, identifies underlying causes of health problems, and suggests an approach to alleviate them. The practitioner uses a gentle approach consistent with the child’s age.

Most often, pediatric chiropractic is directed toward alleviating back and neck pain. When the spine is not properly aligned, excess pressure may be placed on nerves, resulting in pain or other conditions. Properly centering the spine can cause symptoms to be significantly reduced. Children as young as newborns can benefit from chiropractic care.

Chiropractic has been shown to mitigate a variety of childhood health conditions, including asthma, chronic ear infections, colic, breastfeeding difficulties, and bedwetting. These conditions may be the result of problems with nervous system functioning.
Even minor accidents, such as falling from a bicycle, may cause injuries to the skull, spine, limbs, and pelvis. The Land O Lakes FL chiropractor has unique training to address problems affecting these areas of the body. Practitioners can also determine whether “growing pains” are indicative of a more serious problem.

Chiropractic can also be a means of prevention. Early therapeutic intervention can reduce the likelihood of health issues down the road. Many adults experience health problems because of childhood injuries that were never discovered.

Chiropractic can even be helpful for children who already have a regular pediatrician who provides medication and treatment for illnesses. Chiropractic primarily focuses on wellness care- specifically, keeping the spine healthy to encourage proper nerve development.

The Land O Lakes FL chiropractor offers a non-invasive approach without medication, providing pediatric care focused on maximizing nervous system functioning.


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