Discover the Benefits of Hydro Therapy Massage with Land O’Lakes Chiropractor

Chiropractic seeks to address underlying causes of chronic pain and other conditions to remove whatever is hindering the body’s normal functioning. An alternative to conventional medicine, chiropractic includes techniques and therapies that do not involve drugs or invasive procedures. Hydro massage therapy, one aspect of chiropractic that can provide a variety of health benefits, is offered by a Land O Lakes FL chiropractor.

For many patients, hydro massage therapy alleviates pain while helping to balance the body to promote optimal health. Specifically tailored to each patient’s needs, hydro massage therapy is usually offered in conjunction with spinal adjustments.

The Land O Lakes FL chiropractor utilizes AquaMed Dry Hydrotherapy Massage, a time-proven approach that conveniently combines heat, massage, and whirlpool simulation in one system. Patients remain fully-clothed and comfortable while receiving therapy in a special bed with a durable barrier while jet streams of heated water are directed to specific areas of the body.

The benefits of hydro massage therapy are numerous. It improves blood circulation while lowering blood pressure. Therapy can also relax muscles and reduce localized swelling, allowing for greater ease in movement and improved balance. Massage therapy can aid in recovery by alleviating muscle pain and spasms and increasing flexibility and range of motion. Therapy can also provide healing benefits to connective tissues.

According to some studies, just one session of hydrotherapy can boost the immune system. Massage enhances the body’s ability to absorb oxygen, leading to heightened energy levels. Hydrotherapy also removes toxins that build up in muscles. This can be especially helpful in accelerating healing after an injury. Massage also has therapeutic effects on the mind, as it contributes to the release of endorphins to promote feelings of well-being.

Scientific evidence points to hydrotherapy’s role in alleviating several health conditions, including high blood pressure, eating and sleep disorders, diabetes, back pain, and post-surgery recovery.

The idea of undergoing therapy on a water-bed platform is appealing to many patients. The Land O Lakes FL chiropractor offers an up-to-date hydrotherapy approach to enhance patients’ overall health.


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