How a Land O’Lakes Chiropractic Office Helps Those with Chronic Migraines

Chronic migraines can seriously impact anyone’s life. In fact, these recurring episodes of head and neck pain stem from pressure on the brain, along with whiplash, stress, and even anxiety. Prior injuries and vision problems can also contribute to mild or severe migraines. With years of extensive medical experience, a Land O Lakes FL Chiropractor can truly help alleviate migraine tension and pain. In fact, area chiropractors check the head, neck, and facial areas for any abnormalities or nerve-based issues.

They also perform full body physicals to determine the underlying causes and roots of your continuing headaches. Based on checkups, local physicians are able to formulate strategic care plans for migraine and tension headaches.

Migraine Relief and Solace

Migraines are not only painful but can cause mental confusion as well. Since the nerves in the head are all connected – any type of swelling, distress, or pain can truly radiate at alarming speeds. However, the entire head does not have to hurt when a migraine comes on. In fact, most sufferers usually experience a line of pain emanating from the head and moving down to the eyebrow areas. With this in mind, chiropractors will check for any neurological disorders.

They will also conduct intricate exams, which help determine if your headaches are caused by obesity, stress, arthritis, visual impairments or other illnesses. They will then prescribe pain-relievers to help secure immediate solace and relief. However, further testing and weekly therapeutic massages may be needed until the exact cause is determined.

Chiropractors may recommend cold compresses and ice packs as well. These help reduce any visible swelling, which cooling down the areas and eliminating pain. For some – migraines come and go on a daily basis and last for a few minutes. For others, however, these headaches can last for hours on end and require professional chiropractic care and intervention. While each care plan differs from patient to patient – your Land O Lakes, Florida chiropractor is committed to excellence in helping you live a pain and migraine-free life. Contact area migraine professionals today and get the services you need.


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